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  Is it a Crisis or an Opportunity?


  • Jane Wysman,  Manager Of Respite Supports, Frs B.A., Nvci Trainer 

  • Debbie Crawford, Family Coordinator, Frs B.A., Nvci Trainer 

Feature Discussion:

The better we are at understanding what a child is trying to communicate to us, the more successful we will be at reducing their anxiety and keeping it both safe and fun for everyone

Our own behaviour can affect the behaviour of others. this workshop focuses on the powerful connection between communication and behaviour. practical examples will be offered to gain an understanding of why “thinking behaviour through” can provide a more positive outcome And A Successful Relationship. 

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Dual Diagnosis: Handling Challenging Care Situations in Respite and Foster Care

  • Dr. Shelia Mansell, Ph.D., R. Psych, Clinical Consultant to Arnika Centre for Dual Diagnosis in Calgary, Alberta
Featured Discussion:

A number of people with an intellectual disability also have a mental health issue which is referred to as a dual diagnosis. Dr. Sheila Mansell, an expert in dual diagnosis, will provide an overview of the following:

  • What is dual diagnosis and how you can better equip yourself to provide better care especially in challenging situations.

  • How to better understand a person’s individual patterns for communication, coping abilities, and the visual/physical manifestations of differing emotional states.

  • How to increase your awareness of a person’s emotional needs so you can further appreciate in terms of coping abilities exactly how much is too much.

  • The importance of identifying areas where a person has difficulty coping but also equally important areas where a person exhibits strengths, copes very well, self-soothes, flourishes.

  • Learn to identify helpful and unhelpful ways to support a person to address aggressive and irritable behaviour.

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Respite Care Workshop: How to have fun in the community!

Panel of presenters:
  • Debra Mayer, MA, Director for SpeciaLink - the National Centre for Child Care Inclusion

  • Ed Mahony, Special Education Resource Teacher in Hamilton.

Featured Discussion:
  • How to search out activities and opportunities in your community.

  • How to support the child/individual to be included in the community.

  • How to help them get invited to activities.

  • How to assist them to sustain interaction.

  • How to deal with conflict.

  • Addressing barriers to inclusion.

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"What makes for a successful respite experience for those supporting children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder?"

Panel of presenters:
  • Lise Weston is a parent of a person with autism and facilitator at the Windsor Essex Family Network and Resource Centre.

  • Heather Shanahan is a parent of children with autism, Social Worker and Family Coordinator at Family Respite Services, Windsor Essex.

  • Ed Mahony is a Special Education Resource Teacher in Hamilton.
Featured Discussion: 
  • How to develop successful respite experiences
  • Developing good communication with the child and the family
  • Problem solving in creative ways
  • Developing plans for meaningful experiences

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